Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Heard the news?

NewsTab is officially launched!

Launch went very well! On the first weekend we got thousands of new users and over 100 reviews on Google Play with 4.6 average ratings!  We also got some good coverage on tech blogs, such as The Next Web and Android Headlines.

Looking ahead, we have so much to improve... and we are so excited about making this happen. Major efforts for the next quarter include iOS release and the addition of some basic reader features we still miss (like OPML import, for example...:-). Further down the road is a new set of smart algorithms that will help us surface and summarise the top news from your feeds.

This is the perfect time to say thank you to our great beta community...:-) We wouldn’t have made it without you… many cool features suggested and lot's of bugs identified... we really appreciate your support and hope you’ll stay with us for a long and exciting journey of making NewsTab the best ever newsreader! 

For those of you who want to keep in touch and test future beta versions with unreleased features, please consider joining our  Beta Testers Community on Google Plus.