Thursday, February 23, 2017

Offline Digest is here! (1.7 released)

We are proud to announce our long awaited Offline Digest for Android!

In recent months, many of you asked for improvements to our offline mode. The offline scenario is not simple to crack. The key advantage of the offline mode is constant availability (subway, airplane) and smoother user experience. The challenges are resources utilization (data, storage, battery) and full article support. Most newsreaders simply push text summaries every few hours. This is a compromise to both user experience and resource utilization. We took a different approach by creating a perfect user experience for only a subset of your content (thereby keeping low resource utilization).

By default, users are now getting a smart digest of the most important stories in their NewsTab. The digest is pushed daily and available for offline reading. Stories are ranked for importance based on popularity, social activity, coverage volume and specific user read patterns.

Users can also create their own tailored "digest subscriptions" - select a specific publication or collection of publications - and get the best stories of the day pushed to their device at their time of choice... So, with few taps, you can now create a morning edition of CNN news or an evening collection from your favorite tech publications… and if you are just about to go a plane and need some last minute reading materials - no sweat, simply create a “one time download” of your interests and fly…:-)

To complete the experience, we introduced a bottom navigation bar, for quick access to key functionalities...

Looking forward to hear what think!