Friday, November 25, 2016

Version 1.3 released

Happy to announce the first version update since our launch in October. We had a great ride since, with over 15K new users and tones of very helpful feedback.

This release was mainly focused on bug fixes and flow improvements (many issues surfaced after launch, with very effective feedback from our supportive community of power users) and addition of some basic features we could not finish in time for launch.

The most noticeable one is probably the ability to swipe full articles on our Android app.


In addition, we have added a bunch of other small (but important) additions to both Web and Android versions:

  • Keyboard support and keyboard shortcuts in web version (hit Shift + ? to view the shortcuts menu).
  • OPML flow added to web version to allow easy Import/Export of feeds from/to other RSS readers. The flow will be added to our Android client soon.
  • Some improvements to our backend and clients to allow for more efficient data usage and better performance. More improvements are in the oven.
  • On-boarding tutorial for our Android app.
  • Better Simplified Article support.
We have a long list of features and improvements planed for the near future, so please stay tuned...:-)

Feedback and suggestions from our growing community of power users are very welcome. Your feedback is probably the best source for future innovation and improvements on our side.