Saturday, December 30, 2017

CryptoCurrency News Tab for Chrome - Special Edition

Bitcoin hits all-time record of search volume on Google and NewsTab is celebrating with a special edition of our Chrome Extension - CryptoCurrency News Tab.

Is it a bubble or just the tip of the iceberg? We don’t really know, but want to make sure you’ll read about it on your NewsTab Reader… :-)

This beautiful chrome tab is a great place to get started with your crypto ride… Get top news for leading digital currencies, learn about new ICOs and get a set of links for leading digital coins resources such as real time rates, digital wallet and trading arenas… and if you get bored with crypto, simply switch to any other topic you fancy...

Check it out!

NewsTab Team

Friday, December 8, 2017

OPML support added to iOS app

We are happy to announce OPML support for the NewsTab iOS app!

Until now, OPML support was available only via our Web service or Android app... and, with so many requests from our iOS users, we had to listen...:-) the flow is simple and straight forward. Its very similar to our Android app flow, with some UI tweaks to fit iOS design language.

You can now import any OPML file to the app or save an OPML file of your current NewsTab feeds directly from the iOS app. Once an OPML file is imported, you can organise the imported feeds via a convenient flow that allows deleting, changing names and moving feeds between sections.


Thursday, May 25, 2017

NewsTab Anywhere (iOS app is released) !!!

We are happy to announce the launch of NewsTab iOS app. This release is making NewsTab a truly cross-platform service, supporting all major platforms including Web, Android, iOS and Chrome extension. It took us a bit longer than expected but we are very happy with the results and looking forward to your feedback!

We still have some features to add to the iOS version, such as OPML and Twitter support, which are expected to be added shortly. iPad and Watch app are coming soon as well…

Friday, April 7, 2017

NewsTab Chrome Extension is launched!

We are pleased to announce the addition of a new member to the NewsTab family of apps…:-) Today, we release a NewsTab Chrome extension. It's a “New Tab” extension that will join our existing Chrome App on the Chrome Store. Users that install the extension will get their news with every New Tab they open on Chrome. The news will be displayed in cards view below the Google search bar and the top sites tiles. Users could add any news source and connect to their existing NewsTab account. The appearance of the app is customizable (dark theme, hide history or modify tiles size, hide news etc.) As with our other apps, the extension is of high quality with much care for details… we look forward to your feedback…:-)


The NewsTab Team

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Offline Digest is here! (1.7 released)

We are proud to announce our long awaited Offline Digest for Android!

In recent months, many of you asked for improvements to our offline mode. The offline scenario is not simple to crack. The key advantage of the offline mode is constant availability (subway, airplane) and smoother user experience. The challenges are resources utilization (data, storage, battery) and full article support. Most newsreaders simply push text summaries every few hours. This is a compromise to both user experience and resource utilization. We took a different approach by creating a perfect user experience for only a subset of your content (thereby keeping low resource utilization).

By default, users are now getting a smart digest of the most important stories in their NewsTab. The digest is pushed daily and available for offline reading. Stories are ranked for importance based on popularity, social activity, coverage volume and specific user read patterns.

Users can also create their own tailored "digest subscriptions" - select a specific publication or collection of publications - and get the best stories of the day pushed to their device at their time of choice... So, with few taps, you can now create a morning edition of CNN news or an evening collection from your favorite tech publications… and if you are just about to go a plane and need some last minute reading materials - no sweat, simply create a “one time download” of your interests and fly…:-)

To complete the experience, we introduced a bottom navigation bar, for quick access to key functionalities...

Looking forward to hear what think!